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Page 3: Mass production methods for Linux - Cloaning Vs. Install-on-the-fly

Linux Cloning:

  1. Use Norton Ghost; PQ Disk Image or any other commercial Imaging program. It will require us to prepare one installed computer before to image, and space to contain the image (can be cdrom too). These programs support Linux, but do not work too well on it. We will have to install Linux manually, anyhow.

  2. Get the target machine HardDisk out, connect it to a master machine, and use DD to copy. It will work if the HardDisks are similar.

  3. Do the same as above, just this time, use tar. If we have more then one partition per disk, it will be more complicated.

  4. Install Linux on a machine, export it's root as nfs, and DD/tar into it from a master machine. It will require us to have minimal Linux setup on the machine before.