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Page 8: Commands layout, as I know it

KickStart ks.cfg flags

lang Sets the default system language.


keyboard Sets the keymaps.


timezone Sets timezone, according to the default settings.

--utc Sets clock to UTC


firewall One of the installation options, valid only to RH7.0+


Installation Type and Source

install Installs clean system.

upgrade Upgrades existing system.

reboot Reboot when installation is over. Make sure no floppy in the drive.

network Sets network options

--bootproto IP obtaining method:

dhcp DHCP client

bootp BootP client

static Static IP address

--ip <ipaddr> IP Address

--netmask <nm> Netmask

--gateway <gw> Gateway

--nameserver <nsaddr> DNS

Installation Source

cdrom Sets the source of installation as the CDROM

url Sets the source of the installation from specific FTP/HTTP address.

--url <full URL> Specific URL of source.

nfs Sets the source of the installation as a remote NFS mount

--server <Server name> The name of the export server.

--dir <mount point> The mount poing of the server.

Authentication Method

auth Sets method of authentication

--useshadow Use shadowed password file.

--enablemd5 Use md5 encryption

--enablenis Enable YP (or NIS) usage

--nisdomain <domain> NIS domain name.

--nisserver <server> NIS server name.

rootpw Root password.

--iscrypted <ENC pwd> Use encrypted password.

Partition Settings

zerombr Clears the harddrives MBR


clearpart Deletes existing Partitions.

--all Delete all partitions on disk.

--linux Delete all Linux related partitions on the disk.

part <Mount Point> Set partitions. MntPoints can be /, /something and swap.

--size <MB> Size of partition in MB

--grow Allows the partition to be larger, to fit.

--maxsize Maximum size of partition in MB.

lilo Installs lilo.

--location The default location of lilo

mbr Install to the MBR.

<partition> Install to the root partition.

--append <settings> Install lilo with append parameters.

Special Device flags

device Sets special device parameters, for ethernet and SCSI devices.

<Device> Sets the device. ethernet or scsi

--opts Options required for the device.

io=<IO>, irq=<IRQ>

X configuration

xconfig Setup X

--server <Server> Use this Xserver

--card <Card> Use this card settings

--monitor <Monitor> Use this monitor settings

--startxonboot Try runlevel5 on default.

--defaultdesktop=<default> Use default XDM



Extra Functionality

%pre Perform before the real rpm extraction starts.

%packages List of RPM packages to install.

@ <Group> Install all of this default group packages.

<Package> Install this package.

%post Perform after the installation is over.

Example ks.cfg file

lang en_US

network -bootproto dhcp

nfs -server kickstart -dir /ks

keyboard us

zerombr yes

clearpart --all

part / --size 2760

part swap --size 200


mouse --device psaux generic3ps2

timezone Asia/Jerusalem

auth --enablenis --nisdomain my.nis.domain --nisserver my.nis.server --useshadow \ --enablemd5

rootpw --iscrypted <cryp-password>

xconfig --server SVGA --defaultdesktop=KDE --startxonboot

firewall --disable

lilo --location mbr


mount device

umount device


@ X Windows System


@ Networked Workstation



mkdir /mnt/nfs

mount -t nfs kickstart:/ks /mnt/nfs


umount /mnt/nfs

rmdir /mnt/nfs