Haifa Linux Club - Lectures 161-180

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
161 Why the smallest RSA private key is not 42 (it's 47) Shachar Shemesh 12/3/2007 Creative
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162 DV (Digital Video) under Linux Alon Altman 26/3/2007  
162 SiL Linux for CS Students (A primer) Ohad Lutzky 28/3/2007  
163 The Children's Machine (AKA the $100 laptop) and the OLPC initiative Zvi Devir 16/4/2007  
164 Presenting: The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet! Amichai Rotman 30/4/2007  
165 Vaya Research Center for FOSS - current activities and plans for the future Yael Talmor 14/5/2007  
166 AIX, IBM style UNIX Boaz Goldstein 28/5/2007  
167 The Price of Safety: Evaluating IOMMU Performance Muli Ben-Yehuda 11/6/2007  
168 High-Availability clusters on Linux and other systems Guy Keren 25/6/2007  
169 TOR Shachar Shemesh 9/7/2007  
170 An overview of Haskell Haggai Eran 23/7/2007  
171 Introduction to Sockets Programming Guy Keren 6/8/2007 Based on LUPG's internet programming tutorial. Re-run of lecture 7. See Guy's examples here.
172 Linux Kernel Networking Overview Rami Rosen 20/8/2007  
173 An overview of Haskell part II Haggai Eran 3/9/2007  
174 Running C# and ASP.Net on Linux using Monoppix Roiy Zysman 22/10/2007  
175 General Purpose computing using Graphical Processing Units Mark Silberstein 5/11/2007  
176 Programming Epiphany Plugins with Python and PyGTK Ohad Lutzky 19/11/2007  
177 Linux Kernel Networking Overview Rami Rosen 3/12/2007 Re-run of lecture 172
178 High-end Video Editing with Cinelerra Eli Billauer 17/12/2007 summary of main points
179 SiL A primer to Linux/Debugging in Linux for CS students Ohad Lutzky 24/12/2007  
180 Advanced Linux Kernel Networking - Neighboring Subsystem; IPSec Rami Rosen 7/1/2008 The second part of lecture 172

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