Mailing List

The Haifa Linux Club has two mailing list. The first is for the general aspects of the club - announcements, discussions, etc. The second is strictly for announcements. The announcement mailing list is strongly moderated, where only announcements about lectures at Haifux are sent.

To subscribe to or to unsubscribe from the general list, please visit:

To subscribe to or to unsubscribe from the announcement list, please visit:

To approach haifux's mailing list, send message to haifux (at) haifux (dot) org.

Messages on the haifux mailing lists are sent in English.

Note that if you want to approach the haifux mailing list, you must be subscribed to it (this is to avoid spammers).
Please note: These mailing lists has a very specific targets. These two mailing lists are not for flames, newcomers to Linux questions, etc. It is not that we do not answer those kind of messages. We do. But not in these forums. Please use the relevant mailing lists for the relevant messages. Thanks!

The list of mailing lists may help you to find the right forum for messages which are not haifux-relevant. Specifically, the Gnubies-il mailing list.


We thank Mail-archives for hosting the archives of our mailing lists free of charge: