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Accessibility in Linux - Omer Zak and Ori Idan

Omer Zak - Bio

Omer Zak, who is deaf from birth, has been playing with computers since age 12. Twenty years ago he developed an Hebrew terminal program for Commodore 64, which allowed the deaf in Israel to independently use the phone. Four years ago he repeated the feat, allowing the deaf in Israel to use cellular FAX machines in Hebrew.

Omer has been member of the Linux-IL mailing list right from the beginning. He contributed some improvements to Dov Grobgeld's FriBidi package. He has membership card No. 26 in "Hamakor". He works part time for Ozicom Communications Ltd., a software house managed by a deaf entrepreneur and staffed mostly by deaf persons.

Ori Idan - Bio

Ori Idan had worked as a consultant for "Migdalor", an institute for the blind in Kiriat Haim, for acouple of months. He has given a few courses to teachers there. Later on, he worked as an agent in Israel for computer equipment for blind users.

In addition, he has developed (in the DOS days) a word processor for blind users.

Lecture Slides

blind.pdf and its impress source blind.sxi

Lecture112zak-B.pdf and its simpress source Lecture112zak-B.sxi

Lecture112zak-A.pdf" and its simpress source Lecture112zak-A.sxi

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