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דף זה בעברית

Haifux - The Haifa Linux club

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Haifux hosts lectures in a large variety of subjects. Sooner or later, we'll have one that interests you! Don't miss it because you didn't know.

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What is the Haifa Linux Club?

The Haifa Linux Club is a home for Linux users and programmers in the Haifa area. Haifux stands for Haifa Linux Users Group. It is organized by people who are participants in the Israeli Linux User Group.

The club's activities are in several planes:

  • Bi-weekly meetings in which we hear various Linux-related lectures. Would you like to give a lecture?
  • "Welcome to Linux" lectures: introductory lectures, designated at newcomers.
  • "Staying in Linux" lectures: post introductory lectures.
  • Linux-related projects.

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