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Haifa Linux Club - Lectures 201-220

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
201 Breaking the ice with SELinux (part II) Eli Billauer 22/12/2008 Audio recordings of the talk
202 Linux Hardware Cathy Malmrose 4/1/2009  
203 Supercomputing 08 in the Eye of the Beholder Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda 5/1/2009 Yousef Shajrawi will finish his talk as well
204 Windows Refund HOWTO Zvi Devir 19/1/2009  
205 Sifting a Haystack -- The Slashdot Back-End From a Naive User's Point of View Tim Lord 2/2/2009  
206 Wireless in Linux Rami Rosen 16/2/2009  
207 Programming NXT using Open Source platforms Yaniv Aknin 2/3/2009  
208 Introduction to openmp Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda 16/3/2009  
209 openmp - from the developer's side Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda 30/3/2009  
210 gdb - customize it the way you want Guy Keren 4/5/2009 Additional comments and tips from Guy
211 gdb in Greater Depth Guy Keren 18/5/2009  
212 OpenCL Overview Ofer Rosenberg 25/5/2009  
213 Compiling Effectively for Cell with GCC Revital Eres 1/6/2009  
214 Arduino - Open Source Hardware and a Viewport to Micro Manufacturing Amy Chayun 15/6/2009  
215 KSM and the art of memory mangement Izik Eidus 29/6/2009  
216 Google's Android: An Overview Yoni Rabkin 13/7/2009  
217 Sockets in the Linux Kernel Rami Rosen 27/7/2009  
218 GCC Profile Guided Optimization Shachar Shemesh 10/8/2009  
219 Sockets in the Linux Kernel (2) Rami Rosen 17/8/2009 Sequal to Sockets in the Linux Kernel.
220 FSF Compliance Lab Yoni Rabkin 31/8/2009 FSF Compliance Lab

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