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Programming Projects

The Haifa Linux Club members have several Linux related projects. The projects are related to Linux, Hebrew in Linux, etc.

Introduction to the Haifa Linux Club Projects

The Haifa Linux Club (Haifux, as we all like to call it) was founded with several goals. One (some would argue the most important) of these goals was to encourge Linux programming projects which relates to the Israeli Linux user. During the first few months of the club, we mostly talked about projects.

Fortunately for us (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), guy keren likes to talk about programming. He gave several programming related lectures, and suggested as an exercise to the other members of the club, to try and code a little bit things he suggested. One of his suggestions was to write a GUI interface for much needed utility for the Israeli Linux user - biditext. This started the project R2L. Another suggestion Guy presented during his lecture about kernel programming, is to write a kernel module which will enable system adminstrators tracking of the various system calls in their system. This of course lead to a new project called the syscall tracker project which later changed its name to syscalltrack.

Haifa Linux Club Projects Mailing List

The Haifa Linux Club has a mailing list for its projects.

To subscribe to the projects list send empty message to: lin-prj-subscribe@vipe.technion.ac.il.

To unsubscribe from it, send empty message to lin-prj-unsubscribe@vipe.technion.ac.il

To approach the list, send message to the same address but without the subscribe/unsubscribe dash (I don't create link to avoid automated spammers).

An archive of the projects mailing list starting August 2001, can be found at Mail Archive. We thank www.mail-archive.com a lot for hosting this archive free of charge.

The R2L Project

Project Leader: Tzafrir Cohen

This project was started by Guy Keren, after Guy's lecture about GUI programming. Guy suggested to write a GUI to one of the more useful utilites known to the Hebrew-speaking Linux user - the biditext. The developement group is composed of Guy Keren, mulix, Emil Kohn Dan, Shlomi Fish and Tzafrir Cohen. The group added a GUI (called r2l) to the biditext utility, and you can download version 1.0.1 from: R2L-1.0.1.

The syscalltrack Project

Project Leaders: Guy Keren and Muli Ben-Yehuda

This project was started by Guy Keren and mulix, after Guy's lecture about kernel programming. Guy suggested to write a kernel module which logs various system calls. The main idea is to have a more efficient and powerful system call tracking and modification mechanism than the one used by strace. As some of its programmers are not Haifux members (= they are not from Haifa, and don't really like to come once every several months to the meetings), they moved its development to SourceFourge.

On 24/6/02, the syscalltrack people had an hackers fest in the haifux, talking about current implementation and future projects.

Hosted Project - Apache(R) ADSL-USB modem, model A B-DSL/C Driver

Project Leader: Kohn Emil Dan

Emil received an Apache(R) ADSL-USB modem from Actcom. He tried to use it in Linux, and failed, as there were no drivers. Instead of using it only in Windows, he started to work on a driver.

The current driver can be found here.

Future Projects

There will probably be more projects. The main problem is that we do not have man power (=people, time) to start new projects (or even finish old ones...).

Still, we have several ideas for future projects, so join the projects mailing list or contact one of the projects leaders if you want to help.

Contact haifuxmaster at haifux.org regarding this website.