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Haifux Industry Collaboration Plan

Call for assistance and information

The Industry Collaboration Plan is intended to enhance Haifux' activities and span, by bringing in users from the Israeli software and hardware industry, as well as other industries.

The mode of operation involves pre-planned meetings for mutual learning, as well as further activities.

Meetings can take place either at the regular Haifux meeting place in the Technion CS faculty building , or at the involved companies` premises.

What will Haifux gain from the initiative?

  • A close look at actual Linux implementations, current and future.
  • Establishing professional ties with the involved companies.
  • Possible future employment opportunities.

What will the collaborating companies gain from the initiative?

  • Public relations within a professional, qualified community.
  • Lecturers on specific Linux related topics, free of charge or for a reasonable price.
  • A group of problem solving minds, and source of information.
  • A reservoir of potential experienced employees.

What can you do to promote this initiative?

This is a call for information on any relevant contacts in Linux implementing companies, current or future. You are welcome to help us make the connection :send us details on one hand, and tell companies about us on the other.

Haifux members or guests who addressed the forum in the past, and find their lecture appropriate to be re-delivered in front of an audience comprised of club members and Industrial staff, are also encouraged to offer their services.

Please contact Benny Ganor (industry AT Haifux dot org) regarding this initiative.

Contact haifuxmaster at haifux.org regarding this website.