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Haifux holds and helps in various Linux events:
  • "Welcome to Linux" lectures
  • "Staying in Linux" lectures
  • "Welcome to Perl" lectures
  • Installation Parties and Linux Days
  • Invited Linux-related lectures
  • Logo Contest

"Welcome to Linux" lectures

We have already had 5 full series. The series are intended for people who are new to the world of Linux but not to the world of computers. In the last series we had 8 lectures, each covering some material which is useful for a Linux beginner. We also had a Linux Day which includes an installation party (an installfest). In all 8 lectures together 250 listeners came (if you came 8 times, you were counted as 8 listeners).

As mentioned before this was the fifth time the series was given. On the first series we had 7 lectures, with about 250 attending the lectures (about 35 people for lecture on average). The second series had 6 lectures with 250 people attending the lectures. The third series had about 200 people in 7 lectures. The fourth series had about 300 people in 8 lectures.

If you purchased the updates disk, which was created for the last "Welcome to Linux" series, please read the instructions.

"Staying in Linux" lectures

After the fifth "Welcome to Linux" lecture series, we decided to start a short 3-lectures series of "Staying in Linux". Those 3 lectures cover the things that a Linux user should know.

The first lecture will take place on 22/12/03 and will cover the basics of UNIX: users and groups, permissions, symbolic links, processes and I/O redirection.

The second lecture will take place on 5/1/04 and will cover how to install a new driver. This lecture will deal with loading and removing modules, dealing with modules (how do you know if it is in memory, and it won't remove), and even a recipe to compile Linux's kernel.

The third lecture will take place on 19/1/04 and will cover the topic of multimedia in Linux.

Programming in Perl

On Monday 26.3.01 we had a lecture for newcomers to programming in Perl. The lecture was the first in a planned series of 4 to 5 lecture. Out of these planned lectures, 3 have been given in the haifux.

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