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Haifa Linux Club - Lectures 141-160

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
141 GRID Eddie Aronovich 20/2/2006  
141 SiL Anonymity and Privacy Orr Dunkelman 6/3/2006 Creative Commons License
These lecture slides are licensed under a Creative Commons License.
142 nothing like the SAN Guy Keren 13/3/2006  
142 SiL The VIM Editor for Beginners Ohad Lutzky 20/3/2006  
143 udev Overview for Newbies Parmahansa Polo 27/3/2006  
144 Linux on Laptop Alon Altman 10/4/2006  
145 Lisp Yoni Rabkin Katzenel 8/5/2006  
146 FOSS In A Startup Guy Keren 22/5/2006  
146 SiL Tech Challanges of the Creative Commons Elad Wieder 29/5/2006 For more info
147 FatNS - How to Develop a DNS Forensics Tool Boaz Goldstein and Ohad Lutzky 5/6/2006  
148 Data Base internals and Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) Meir Maor 19/6/2006  
149 Utilizing IOMMUs for Virtualization in Linux and Xen Muli Ben-Yehuda 3/7/2006  
150 GPLv3 Yoni Rabkin Katzenel 16/10/2006  
151 DVD Authoring with Linux Eli Billauer 6/11/2006  
152 KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine) Avi Kivity 13/11/2006  
152 SiL Linux for CS Students (A primer) Ohad Lutzky 20/11/2006  
153 LVM2 (Logical Volume Management - 2nd version) Guy Keren 27/11/2006 Some additions for the lecture
153 SiL Linux, GNUs and Penguins Peleg Sapir 4/12/2006  
153 SiL-1 Linux for CS Students - Debugging Ohad Lutzky 11/12/2006  
154 The Ben Yehuda Project Asaf Bartov 18/12/2006  
155 SPAM and spamassassin Alon Altman 25/12/2006  
156 The fascinating world of Regular Expressions in Perl Ami Chayun 1/1/2007  
157 FPC - Beyond the myths, when clearing the fog Ido Kanner 15/1/2007  
158 Perl6 Gabor Szabo 29/1/2007  
159 CAD/CAM under Linux Jacob Dunkelman 12/2/2007  
160 Open Solaris Rami Rosen 26/2/2007  

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