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Haifa Linux Club - Lectures 301-320

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
300 Massivizing OpenTTD: Distributed Computing Challenges and Quality Time Alexandru Iosup 03/06/2013  
301 Efficient and Scalable Paravirtual I/O System Abel Gordon 17/06/2013  
302 DNS Cache-Poisoning: New Attacks and Defenses Haya Shulman 08/07/2013 Available on video
303 Replicate and Bundle (RnB) -- A Mechanism for Relieving Bottlenecks in Data Centers Shachar Raindel 22/07/2013  
304 All I really need to know about bioinformatics, I learnt in Haifux Boaz Goldstein 05/08/2013  
305 Command-line utilities: Tips and tricks (part II) Eli Billauer 19/8/2013  
306 You & The Biometric Database Jonathan J. Klinger 02/09/2013  
307 Software Licensing for Dummies / Software Developers Jonathan J. Klinger 16/09/2013  
308 Software Defined Networking Yonatan Zilpa 30/09/2013 In conjunction with Haifa-Sec
309 Ginseng: market-driven memory allocation Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda 14/10/2013  
310 OSv, a new open-source operating system for virtual machines Nadav Har'El 28/10/2013  
311 The Do-S and Don’t-S of Benchmarking Gernot Heiser 11/11/2013 Henry Taub Distinguished Visitor
312 High-Level Introduction to Virtualization's Low-Level Ronen Hod 25/11/2013  
314 Nested Virtualization: Shadow Turtles Orit Wasserman 23/12/2013  
315 Quick and Dirty Bash Eli Billauer 6/1/2014 Yet another rerun of lecture #100...
316 When Cryptography is not the Answer (even when it is) Orr Dunkelman 20/1/2014  
317 MediaWiki: The software behind Wikipedia Amir Elisha Aharoni 3/2/2014  
318 PacketShader: a GPU-Accelerated Software Router Shachar Raindel 17/2/2014  
319 Open Ethernet Initiative - using Linux as the foundation of a networking OS Matty Kados 3/3/2014  
320 Linux Containers and the future cloud Rami Rosen 17/3/2014  

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