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Haifa Linux Club - Lectures 321-340

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
321 Linux Containers and the future cloud (part II) Rami Rosen 31/3/2014  
322 VSwapper, a guest-agnostic memory swapper for virtual environments Nadav Amit 28/4/2014  
323 The Right Way: Managed Resource Allocation in Linux Device Drivers Eli Billauer 26/5/2014  
324 Web Weakness Aviad Carmel 9/6/2014  
325 Efficient Virtual Memory: Hash, Don't Walk Idan Yaniv 23/6/2014  
326 Profiling and Tracing Nadav Amit 7/7/2014  
327 The Book of Bad Crypto Decisions (part 1 of 1,000,000) Orr Dunkelman 21/7/2014  
328 Cedalion: A Democracy Awaiting the People Boaz Rosenan 4/8/2014  
329 The Founding Fathers' Session Guy Keren and Orr Dunkelman 1/9/2014  
330 Bitcoin - What and Why Daniel Brunstein 27/10/2014 A poster to hang wherever you want

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