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Haifa Linux Club - Lectures 181-200

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
181 User space syscall tracing and manipulation - fakeroot-ng Shachar Shemesh 21/1/2008  
182 Git isn't a VCS Ohad Lutzky 4/2/2008  
183 Crawling in Lightning Everybody! 11/2/2008 A lightning talks session about crawlers
184 initramfs Hai Zaar 25/2/2008  
185 Advanced Linux Kernel Networking - Neighboring Subsystem; IPSec Rami Rosen 10/3/2008 The second part of lecture 172; Rerun of lecture lecture 180
186 How Ethernet works Nir Abulaffo 24/3/2008  
187 IPv6 in the Linux Kernel (Advanced Linux Kernel Networking) Rami Rosen 7/4/2008 The third part of lecture 172
188 High performance multi threaded programming (part I) Shachar Shemesh 12/5/2008  
189 High performance multi threaded programming (part II) Shachar Shemesh 26/5/2008  
190 Wireshark Nir Abulaffo 16/6/2008  
191 Crash and burn: writing Linux application fault handlers Gilad Ben-Yossef 30/6/2008  
192 The Lightning Strikes Again Haifux members! 14/7/2008  
193 Advanced Autoconf Oron Peled 28/7/2008 See autoconf.
194 Discussion - Design Pattern implementation in C++ Haifux members 11/8/2008  
195 IPv6 in the Linux Kernel (Advanced Linux Kernel Networking) -- rerun Rami Rosen 18/8/2008 The third part of lecture 172
196 The Ruby programming language Ohad Lutzky 15/9/2008
197 GIMP tutorial workshop meeting Eli Billauer 22/9/2008  
198 GIMP tutorial workshop meeting (part II) Eli Billauer 6/10/2008  
199 Post-link Analysis and Optimization Yousef Shajrawi 24/11/2008  
200 Breaking the ice with SELinux (part I) Eli Billauer 8/12/2008 Audio recordings of the talk

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