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C Without a Spoon - Orna Agmon


In this series of lectures we aim to introduce good C programming in the environment of free software, to people who have already programmed in some language using procedural programming (In other words, we assume you know of some form of the contruct if-then-else, you know what variables and functions/subroutines are).

The series is composed of units, each of 1-2 hours. the first is intended for people who are not familiar with C, and the rest of it is set according to topics, such that people who already program in C might learn something new from them, and still those who were introduced to C only at the first lecture will not get lost.

The lectures will include Homework. These will be food for thought in most cases, or reading a man page, and writing a program of about 15 lines at some cases. We will go over the homework at the beginning of each lesson, and further lectures may assume having prepared the homework.

Since this is a long series of lectures, we will only carry it through as long as there is an interest.

We will begin by bringing everyone to the same level: the first lecture will include a quick description of the basic C constructs (if, while, for, switch, ternary if). We will discuss standards, whre to get help, blocks and scopes, and we will be able to compile and run a "Hello World" program at the end of it.

On the second unit we will learn about the CPP - C Pre Processor.

The gcc compiler - using the options properly.



Dynamic memory allocation

Good programming

slides in pdf

course material (code pieces, homework, examples)

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