Time - The Final Frontier

Lets Get Into The Zone

Zone Language - Rules

Zone Language - Zones

Zone Language - Other Types Of Lines

Compiling A Zone File

The Flow Of time()

Handing Time Across Time Zones

Keeping Machines Synced In Time

Manual Setting - The 'date' Command

The Time Service

Semi-Automatic Time Setting

Automating The Semi-Automatic 'rdate'

The "one-true-way" to synchronize time - NTP

Sub-Second Sleeps

First Attempt - 'usleep()' or 'nanosleep()'

Measuring Busy-Wait

The Twisted 'select()' Call

Timers Using A Delta-List

Time Drifts With Delta Lists

The Often-Forgotten EINTR

A Stable Implementation Of A Reccuring Timer

Timing And Profiling


Profiling Using gprof and kprof


  1. Israeli daylight saving time zone files, maintained by HUJI's CS people.
  2. Kprof - profiling made easy.
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