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WiFi (802.11) in GNU/Linux by Ohad Lutzky


- An introduction to how WiFi is used in GNU/Linux (distro-independant, but with linux-wireless-utils, so not relevant BSD or Mac) - tools like iwconfig, iwlist, along with some information about the availability of wireless NIC modules - especially the ipw2200, which is included in all/most new Centrino laptops

- User-friendliness in these utilities - a summary of the problems with using the commandline for this (tedious and daunting for new users, not automated), a survey of current available solutions (UIs like netapplet, wifi_radar and my own netdlg, along with automated solutions such as hotplug, ifplugd, waproamd), pros and cons to each and what basically needs to be done to improve them.

slides to view online and slides packed to go (tar.bz2).

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