Disk-Space Management - Why is it so hard?


LVM History

LVM2 Capabilities


Using LVM2

Exercising With Loop Block Devices

Creating A Volume Group

Creating A Logical Volume

A File-System On A Logical Volume

Extending The Capacity Of A Logical Volume

What Is A Snapshot?

Creating A Snapshot Of A Logical Volume

What-What?? What Is Going On With This Snapshot?!?

Properties Of Snapshots

LVM2 Internals

LVM2 Labels And UUID-s

The Layout Of A Logical Volume

The Structure Of A Snapshot

The Write On An Origin Of A Snapshot

Sending I/O to a device for which we have a snapshot:

The dm-table

BIO Lists

Companions Of LVM2

Mirroring With The DRBD Driver

The Multi-Pathing Driver


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