Data, Storage and how to get from there to here

Data Explosion

Data Need - ILM

Data - The Need for Speed

The good ole' Hard Disk Drives

HDD Structure

The Rotating Nature Of HDDs

HDD - Sequential access patterns

HDD - Random access patterns

Disk Interfaces

The IDE Interface

The SCSI Interface

The SATA Interface

The SAS Interface

HDD - fighting for speed

HDD - Getting More Bandwidth

HDD - Getting More IOPS

FLASH - Non-Volatile Memory

The Internal Mechanism Of NAND-FLASH

The Internal Mechanism Of an SSD


Write Amplification

SSD And The HDD Interface Limitations

PCIe Interface For SSD

SSD and Price fights

SSD and Price fights - Splitting Based On Applications

SSD and Price fights - Data Tiering

SSD and Price fights - Data Caching

Caching inside the storage system

Caching inside the host


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