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Command-line utilities: Tips and tricks (part II) - Eli Billauer


Command-line utilities is the real power of a Linux computer, and yet there's always a few useful utilities that even an experienced Linux user doesn't know about. This meeting is dedicated to going through several random utilities, some of which are less known, others are known but have surprising possibilities.

The range goes from things as simple as using "touch" to fake a modification date to using ssh for surfing the web (with your browser) as if your computer was in another country.

No previous knowledge is required. Even though newbies will gain the most of this meeting, there is also room for those more familiar with the shell prompt. Those who want to take the stand for a few minutes to talk about a utility are welcome, of course.

There will be no slides during this meetings, just a shell window for demonstrations.

This is a list of topics that may or may not be covered, depending on interest and what time allows. Some will be mentioned in a few words, and we may spend some time with others.

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