SAN - The (not so) Little Network That Could...

What's In A SAN?

Why Use SANs?

A Little About SCSI

The SCSI Architecture

SCSI Commands

An Example - The SCSI Inquiry Command

A Little About Fiber-Channel

Fiber-Channel Terminology

More Fiber-Channel Terminology

About RAIDs

SAN Virtualization

Linux, SCSI and SANs

The Linux SCSI Sub-System

The Linux SCSI sub-system is split into 3 layers:

SCSI Drivers Loading Order

Looking At SCSI "things" - /proc/scsi

Looking At SCSI "things" - /proc/sg/

Looking At SCSI "things" - /sys/class/scsi/

Linux HBA Drivers

Linux And SCSI Hotplug

Linux Hotplug And Fiber-Channel

Two Words About LVM

Two Words About LVM And SANs


  1. IBMs SAN redbook
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  3. LVM HowTo -
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